If you are interested in getting married in the Catholic Church, please contact the parish office to make an appointment to see Fr. Acervo.


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Matrimony FAQ

Why should I get married in the Church?

In the words of Archbishop Fulton Sheen, “It takes three to get married”. Jesus Christ elevated marriage to a sacrament so that husband and wife would have the graces necessary to become holy by living the vocation of marriage. Through their cooperation in God’s plan, husband and wife show the world what love looks like, and by that love, they bring new life into the world.

Why is marriage only between one man and one woman?

God made them male and female. And so God ordained marriage to be strictly between one man and one woman. Because they compliment each other, man and woman bring their unique gifts to marriage and provide a stable environment into which children can be born. Marriage is not a human invention. God gave it to us for a reason, and so no one can “redefine” marriage”.

Why does the Catholic Church ask us not to live together before marriage?

Marriage requires a total commitment and giving of self between spouses. When a couple chooses to simply live together, they simulate marriage without truly giving themselves to each other completely.

Catholics also believe that sex is holy, reserved as an expression of the love between husband and wife.