How can I contribute to the life of the parish?

St. Edward on the Lake is always grateful for the generous support of its parishioners. We are most grateful for the spiritual support, for the prayers offered for our parish and her needs, and in thanksgiving for God’s generous protection upon us. Please continue to keep St. Edward on the Lake parish and school in your prayers.

We are also grateful for the generous service of our parishioners. Many offer their time and gifts in service to the parish and the school. When you pray, please ask the Lord how He might be calling you to give of yourself for the good of the parish and/or school.

We are also grateful for the financial support of our parishioners. Living in the world (although not being of the world), it does take money to support the daily operation of the parish and school. There are buildings to maintain and repair and programs that require resources. We also assist those in need both within and outside our parish boundaries.

Please prayerfully consider who God is calling you to contribute to the life of the parish. The Sunday offertory is the usual way to do so. The regular collection at Mass on Sundays and Holy Days goes to support the operation of the parish.


Online Giving

You may also contribute to St. Edward on the Lake through a program called Faith Direct. This program allows individuals to support their church through automatic debits from your bank account or charges to your credit/debit card. Click HERE for more information on how Faith Direct works.

You may enroll in Faith Direct by clicking one of the links below or by calling them at 866-507-8757. Our church code is MI293. You may also use the links below to make a one-time donation or to log in to your account.

Community Giving

Kroger Community Rewards

Did you know that you can earn money for the school (which keeps our tuition low!) By simply linking St. Edward’s School (Organization #82510) to your Kroger card? If you are interested, go to and follow three easy steps to get you going! If you are already enrolled, make sure that you re-enroll every year (anytime after May 1st) simply by clicking on “re-enroll” or your purchases will not continue to count. Call Kroger Customer Service at 866-221-4141 if you have any problems.

Meijer 1 Card Community Rewards Program

Shop at Meijer, pay with cash or debit card and swipe your Meijer 1 Customer Card to earn rewards for our school! If you already have a Meijer 1 Card for Upromise, call 1-800-962-7011 to join Meijer Community Rewards and link St. Edward to your account (Organization #615306). If you do not have a Meijer 1 card, see the Customer Service counter to apply today.

If you have any questions about any of the above programs, please call Lynn Heithoff at 385-5093.

SCRIP Program

Defining Scrip…

Scrip is simply a word that means “substitute money.”

What is Scrip?

SCRIP is a program utilizing local and national merchants. You order Scrip money (in the forms of cards, certificates or checks) that you spend instead of cash. When you shop at the hundreds of merchants using your Scrip money, THEY (merchants) reimburse our school a percentage of the sale. It’s easy, and you can choose to receive tuition credit for the percentage that you earn!

Who Can Use Scrip?

Anyone! You do not need to have children attending St. Edward Catholic School. If you are a St. Edward parishioner, you’re encouraged to utilize our Scrip program for all of your shopping needs as a way to support our church, our parish community, and our school. You can even designate your earned credit to go towards the tuition of a specific family at St. Edward’s School or simply a school family in need. What a beautiful way to give, simply by shopping with money you’re spending already.

How Is Scrip Applied?

St. Edward School participates in the Scrip program to keep our tuition costs down and to financially support the school and parish. Profits realized from your scrip purchases are divided between the Children’s Fund (school) and whichever other cause you choose to donate (Parish, Current St. Edward Student Tuition or Future St. Edward Student Tuition).

How Do I Get Started?

Simply complete a Scrip order form today and return it to the office with cash or a check. You may also purchase Scrip after any of the weekend Masses (except the 2:00 P.M. Mass). Check off the items you want for your shopping. You’ll receive Scrip cards in return. It’s that simple. You save money on your child’s tuition simply for shopping at places you shop at anyway. Just spend your regular shopping dollars by using Scrip cards and certificates at the stores that participate in the Scrip program. Scrip can be used for just about any household purchase including food, clothing, entertainment, and gasoline!

How Much Tuition Credit Will I Receive?

Each time you purchase Scrip through St. Edward, that purchase is recorded in your family’s account. The rebate percentage is split between your tuition (60%) and the St. Edward Children’s Fund (40%). The portion of the rebate for your tuition is applied to your account each April. If you utilize Scrip regularly for your family’s food, gas, clothing, and entertainment, that could add up to several hundred dollars or more off of your tuition bill each year!

You may also begin saving before your child enters preschool or kindergarten. Your banked credit is tracked for up to three years or until your child begins school (K-5) at St. Edward, your tuition credit automatically is deducted from your tuition at the beginning of your school year.

Who Can I Call If I Have More Questions?

If you have additional questions, please contact the school office at (810) 385-4461.